Raw Brownies

Happy Monday! Today I'm sharing one of my favorite recipes! I tried this recipe recently and its so yummy! Raw brownies are the perfect sweet treat that are completely healthy, with no added sugar or preservatives. While they are healthy because they are made with 4 natural ingredients, they are still high in natural sugar because of the dates.

Samantha McNeil Blog Raw Brownies Ingredients

1 cup of Dates (pitted and chopped)

1 1/2 cups of Walnuts 

1/3 cup of Cacao Powder (or Cocoa Powder)

1 tsp of Vanilla

To make the brownies I put the ingredients into a food processor and blend until smooth, occasionally stoping and string the mix so its blends evenly. After  everything is combined I take a cookie dough scoop (slightly smaller than an ice cream scoop) and create the little brownies. This recipe makes about 10 brownies. After the brownies are made I pop them in the fridge so they can harden a little bit and then enjoy!

The first time I made these I used cocoa powder and they were yummy, but the second time I used cacao powder and they tasted so much better, but they were oddly a little oily so I added a little more powder in the end and had to pop the mixture in the fridge for a little before scooping them, but I recommend cacao over cocoa because of the nutrients. 

Samantha McNeil Blog Raw Brownies

Let me know if you try this recipe out! What is your favorite healthy treat?

xx, Samantha 

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Summer Mornings

Recently mornings have become my favorite part of the day, I love how quiet and calm everything is, and this is coming from someone who used to hate mornings and was always running out the door 10 minutes late. I believe that the way we start are day sets the tone for our entire day, so I try to start my mornings energized and productive. 

7:00 am Wake up and check my phone, 

Samantha McNeil Summer Morning Routine Breakfast

7:15 am I head down stairs to take my dog out and then grab some warm lemon water and a Larabar for breakfast. It is so important to drink water in the morning after not drinking any all night long. Adding a little lemon into your water can help with detoxification.

7:45 am I grab my laptop and agenda and start to go through emails, edit blog posts, plan new posts, and plan the rest of my day.

8:30 am Then I head over to The Madison for Party on A Bike.

9:00 am Party on A Bike is the best part of my morning because it such a high energy workout that really sets the tone for the rest of my day. I also love to get my work outs over with in the morning so I don't have to worry about fitting it in later.

Samantha McNeil Summer Morning Routine Party on A Bike

10:00 am After spin I stop by Nékter to pick up a juice or an açai bowl. I love their Superfood Protein Juice (perfect for post workout) and Açaí Banana Berry Bowl. 

Samantha McNeil Nekter Juice Bar Acai Bowl

10:30 After Nékter I head home, shower and start the rest of my day energized and motivated to get everything I need to get done for the day. 

How do you like to start your mornings?

xo, Samantha McNeil