Starting Sophomore Year

I can not believe I am about to start my sophomore year of college!! Today I am sitting on a plane flying back to North Caroline and I could not be more excited!! (and scared) I really loved my freshman year of college, though it had its ups and downs, I can still say that I truly love my school. Looking back to when I was about to start college last year there aren't too many differences haha. I'm nervous to be with new roommates that I don't know, new harder classes are a scary thought, but they best part of going back this year is I get to go back to my friends!! There are so many people that I'm so excited to see!!

So earlier this week I packed my car full of most of my stuff and shipped it off to NC!! (Shipping is definitely they way to go if you are going more than a days drive). I've packed suitcases full of anything I think I will need for my first week of classes, and wish I could bring more. I'm so anxious to start classes and get in to a new routine. I'll be sure to keep you guys updated with my move in and share my room with you guys!  

xoxo, Samantha