July Favorites

Hi Loves! Here are some of my favorites from the month of July! 

Australian Gold Sunscreen // I recently went to the beach and was able to go the whole week without getting sunburnt, which is amazing for me! I have this sunscreen to thank! Not only does it have amazing protection it smells divine! 

Supergoop! Sunscreen Primer // I wore this on my face everyday on the beach and walking around Coronado and I loved it! No sunburn or breakouts! Usually beach trips for me entail horrible sun burns or massive breakouts from sunscreen and this past trip I had neither which was amazing! 

Copic Watercolor Markers // Occasionally I like to draw and these markers have taken my doodles up a few notches. They act like watercolor paint minus the mess which I love for a quick drawing sesh. 

Lululemon Racerback // I've had this tank in grey for probably over a year now and it's my favorite workout tank I own. I recently picked it up in a light purple and I have them both on repeat! It is the perfect tank for everything! The fabric is so light weight with out being see through or too delicate. The fabric is so amazing that my sister has this shirt in 6 different colors!

Trader Joe's Hummus // I know this is a bit odd to add to my months favorites but its so yummy I had to mention it! I love spreading it on pita, peppers, and cucumbers(add turkey for a yummy post workout treat).

J. Crew Stripe Dress // This is the perfect summer dress! It's so cute and light, it makes the heat just a little more bearable.