Back to School: Dorm Organization

Hi loves! For my second post in my Back to School series I thought I should talk about dorm organization. Keeping your dorm organized at school is so important to keeping you life organized and it can get hard in smaller spaces so here are some things I found helpful in keeping me organized at school.

Thin Felt Hangers // Just about everyone I know uses these hangers now and it's no wonder they are so popular, because they are amazing in so many ways! They are non slip for any fabric which is amazing, and of course the obvious they are super thin so you can fit more in your closet! 

Command Hooks // I can't tell you how many go these I had stuck all over my walls at school! I used them for so many different things! I put them on the inside of my closet doors to hang bags and then I put a row of  them on the back of my bedroom door for necklaces (should have put them on the wall they got knocked around a lot), I also used them to hang my calendars.  

Acrylic Drawers // Not only are these a beautiful way to store my make up but so practical! The shallow drawers are so nice because I don't have to dig to find any products. I also lived the deeper drawers for back ups and nail polish. I had two sets one in my bedroom and one in bathroom. In the bathroom I had this topper which was nice to keep lotions on top of, and in my bedroom I had the wide tray which was perfect for lip products and brushes. 

Storage Bins // These bins are so amazing! They are so perfect for moving in and out and for storage in your room. I love that they are clear so I know exactly is in them. I have them in several different sizes but I linked the most space saving, my favorite are the ones that are about half the depth they are a lot easier to carry and are nice for storage in my dorm but the bigger ones are best for moving and storage.

xoxo, Samantha