Back to School: Dorm Decor

Hi loves! For my third post for my Back to School Series I'm gonna talk about dorm decor. This is the most fun part of moving to college! I loved planning the theme for my dorm room, I kept it very clean with bright pops of color! 

Pictures // Pictures are one of the top things that everyone puts in their dorm room and thats for a good reason, they make it seem so much more homey! I used these frames in the natural wood color and loved them, and hung them with these. I loved my frames but tons of other girls I know used cute pin boards or washi tape (which is adorable!) 

Lights // You've probably seen hanging lights in every picture on Pinterest and Tumblr of a dorm but they really are the perfect addition to small spaces. The lighting in most dorms is pretty bad or harsh so having some soft light around the room makes such a better atmosphere! I add tulle to mine to make them a little cuter! I just cut the tule in to squares and tie a piece on each side of every light, it looks great with white tulle and colored tulle! 

Pillows // The best way to brighten your room are lots of fun pillows on your bed! I found mine at Anthropologie they always have fun pillows but there are so many other places to find them! My favorite is this one, I know so many people that have it and love it! It goes well in so many different rooms. 

Make Up // This isn't necessarily decor but it can be used for that. I store my make up in these acrylic drawers and love it! I mentioned them in this post here. They are not only perfect for storage but its so pretty too! I got so many compliments on the drawers and how pretty the makeup was (this must be why makeup packaging is so pretty!)

Rugs // I didn't have a rug last year (my freshman year), but I recently saw this one and couldn't pass it up! Its' so gorgeous and it will bring so much more color to my room and make a little more homey. The carpeting in dorms is much like carpeting in classrooms which isn't the prettiest or softest, so a rug can help hide that.  

xoxo, Samantha