Back to School: College Dorm Bed Must Haves

Hi loves! I thought with a new school year starting I thought I should do a back to series focusing on college! For my first post I wanted to share with you some of what I think are the most important things to buy before heading back to school.

Bed Bug Mattress Protector // Besides the obvious use it gave me piece of mind that there was a barrier between me and anything else that could be in the mattress. 

Mattress Pad // I use two different mattress pads to make my bed comfortable. First I use a Tempur-Pedic memory foam topper, this has to be the most comfortable thing money can buy! I never felt uncomfortable and my friends were always jealous. Then to help keep the pad in place I used this mattress topper which also added a little more cushion.

Sheets // I know this is a no brainer but I suggest bringing at least to sets to school incase you get lazy and don't want to wash them at least you will have a clean set on hand. 

Blanket // Its always a good idea to have more layers and blankets on your bed than you think you will need, because sometimes dorms can be a little cold in the winter. I always have a few extra blankets in case I get cold or want one for on the couch. 

Quilt/Duvet // Picking if you want a duvet or a quilt is such a personal preference, I have a duvet at school and a quilt at home and I don't prefer one over the other but I can easily wash the duvet cover.

Pillows // Another no brainer but I would definitely bring a few more than you sleep with. I always cover my pillows with these protectors to keep them clean.

Decorative Accents // I am a true believer that you can never have to many accent pillows and throws! They are also practical for when you have friends over to keep everybody comfortable and keeping your room cute! 

xoxo, Samantha